Jaga Tepi Kain Kau!

Just to let it away from the bottom of my heart about this matter. It's not just me, but i guess other friends also feel the same way with me.

I think that you are so so hypocryte friend i ever had. You said A but actually it's B.
You create any kind of stories to make it better than reality but don't ever think that i didn't know what the truth. But as a friend, i'll keep it silent as long as you didn't create stories about me and let people know what my bad side.

I keep your bad side as a secret, between us, so do the same to me.
Never ever try create story about what i don't do.
Watch out!

Selagi aku boleh sabar, aku akan bersabar dan layan permainan kau. Tetapi, sabar aku ada batas dan jangan sampai aku malukan kau depan kawan kawan kita. Just remember.


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