I really need you !

For a quite some time,
Its been a long journey I ever had,
And so many things happened to myself,
I did regret some of things, but mostly I have to face it - alone !

Today, so sudden I really miss you and need you so much.
I feel like I want to be by yourside, having a great moment together.
But, you are now far away from me, and there have no much time to be with you.
Perhaps, everyday you will pray for myself and my sucked life here - alone without you.

Just, your pray will make my life much better from day to day.
And, for God's sake I will never forget you because you are my heart.
Everything I do, I do for you. I will face all the risks just because I love you.
Yeah ! No one can seperate us, but only Allah. And I believe that day will come to all of us.

Mama, Abah & Siblings - I really love & miss all of you. I'm sorry for all my wrong doings all this while. www.tips-fb.com