Fucking Friends Of Mine!

Hey! Am writing this article with fully frustrated.
2 causes why i had frustrated.
at first, i think the people wanna be friend with me just because of my look.
when u see my pictures. actually, its totally different.
i'm just a simple guy outside. not like my pictures.
thats all edited.
never trusted my pictures at all.

outside, i'm really ugly or with other word, i'm jerk! so JERK!
so, if u just wanna be my friend, because of my appearance, just forget it.
i'm not HOT, i've nothing.
just find other people to be your friend.
if i can accept who you are, how ur look is, why not u accept my as i am?
but, its never dropped me down.
otherwise, from that i'll know who is really my friend.

yeah i know, u have all.
good look, hottest friend, loveable lover.
but, remember the KARMA!
not always u'll be at the TOP place.

2nd things is,
i'll never be ur besties.
i hate that phrase!
i won't any besties anymore! i love to live alone. www.tips-fb.com

I Will Always Here For You.

this is all what i feel right this moment.
my feeling, my soul just for you.

since aku knl die, && jadi makin rapat,
aku rase die memang sekepala dengan aku.
bile borak dgn die, aku rasa happy && macam tadew masalah dalam kepala nie.
die sgt gile2, && that is what i love about you. ( ko taw sape ko)

but, die bukanlah untuk aku.
aku tak layak untuk mendapatkan dia.
tp, satu je aku nak ko taw, ko paling istimewa dalam hidup aku.
tadew sape yang boleh ambik tempat ko.
for now, && also forever.

&& hari ni jugak aku baru taw yang dia pernah suka aku sebelum nie.
bagi aku, tuh suda cukup. walaupun aku ta mampu dapatkan die,
at least die pernah sukakan aku.

Thanx For Everything. (;
Hope, hubungan ko dgn kapel ko baik2 & berjalan dengan lancar.
Aku akan sentiasa doakan kebahagiaan ko.
walaupun bukan untuk kebahagiaan aku,
bagi aku, ko bahagia, sudah cukup untuk membahagiakan aku.