<33 Friends

Celebrating new year with friends, was such a nice new year's eve ever.
I'll not forget our memories together since our first day be friends.
They are such a great great friends and so happening.

Myra. Si kepala senget, kurang betul. Aku sayang kau Myra, <33

Kak Nana And Joey Panjang, keep up the good work and
wish you all get more happiness and success in your carrier. <33

Hadii And Kak Nana. Bestfriends Forever No Matter Happens. <33

Me, Myself And I, little bit drunk. :)

And lastly, Imran And Hadii. Kepala Sewel. Sayang korang lah! <33

And last but not least, may this new year
bring happiness and more cheerful than 2009.
Goodbye 2009 and welcome sweety, 2010.
For sure, we are getting older. GRRR -.-


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