Selamat Berpuasa !

Sorry for a long time with no any updated stories.
Quite busy with my work and also with my life.
From day to day, i wish there is a light to give a me a chance to be a great person; someday.

And for this holy month, Ramadhan,
I also hope that everything goes fine with no any bad day.
To God, give me a chance to be a great person so i could prove to some people that i can success with my own feet.
To those people that always said to me ; "Parent kau boleh tanggung kau, senang lah hidup" i never used my parent's wealthy to carry on into my life. I'm working to survive everyday. So, watch your word !

Nothing left to say, i just want to wish to all my Muslims friends, Happy Ramadhan ! May God bless all of us ! :)

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