Everything Back To Basic.

Hey. I'm back to continue my writing here.
Its almost a month i have not update anything in here.
Actually, i'm quite busy with my study. & i'm really focusing at my study
in this sem. Its also goes the same thing to my photography & designing session.
Now, i'll try to do 3 things in the same time. i hope i can do it.

Today On 15th March 2009, at 2.25 a.m, my collegemates and i on9-ing at hostel.
i'm really gratefull (betul ke eja weyh? :P) that lastly here at my hostel, there is wi-fi.
so, everyday i can on9 & chat with my friends.

Actually, what i'm trying to write here & now is
my lifes now had came back as usual.
my friendship with all peeps getting better.
what i want to do, & all what i want, i'll get it.
Although sometimes it so hard to get it.
but, with patientness, insyaAllah u'll have what u want to do.

And, also today, aku start cuti. But but, at first, i'm really confused either
i should go back to my hometown or just here at hostel.
but after i think, think & keep thinking, i've decide to go back although cuti aku just a week.
lekat celah gigi kot cuti kejap je. ahahaha.
Cuti ni aku nak sambung balik designing & fotografi aku yg lama aku tinggalkan.
i hope i still have that talent. ahahha.
Besides that, i really miss my family especially, my little sis. i hope she can walk now.
& really miss my cousin. What latest about her is, she had recovered. (;

On 14th March 2009, my close friend's birthday.
I wish he always fine. dimurahkan rezeki & dipanjangkan umur.
&& tak lupe kpd semua kwn2 aku yang sambut birthday bulan March ni. www.tips-fb.com

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