What A Coarse Joke.

My dad borrowed my lappy to do his work at house courtyard, while his lappy repaired. Then, after 2 hours, he walked into the house. now, my turn to online. but when we walk aside he said something to me.

Dad: Tadi ado bunyi sreshh sreshh luar tu. dop tau la gapo (Tadi ada bunyi sreshh sreshh kat luar tuh. tapi taktau lah apa bendanya)

Me: hah?! bunyi gapo? yo ko? (hah? Bunyi apa? Betul ke?)

Dad: Abah raso ado mayak jale luar tu. aboh napok mace ado bendo jale jah luar tuh. mugo tadi rumoh sebeloh tuh ado ore mati. (abah rasa ada mayat berjalan kat luar tu. abah nampak macam ada benda je berjalan kat luar tu. sebab tadi kat rumah sebelah tuh ada orang meninggal.)

Then, I turned back into the house. and ask my brother to get me the lappy at the house courtyard. my dad hearty-laughtered at me when he saw my face's expression. scared. yes. i do. Not just my dad laughed at me, but so do with my two brothers. fuck. what-the-hell. u think this is a joking at 2.02am?

But, is it true what my father's word that he saw something out there?
So confusing.

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