Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

He's looking hot, looked like an educated boy,  but he's just like other guy out there. nothing special to him. ouh. there is one special about him. sweet. that shows from his act. really good in treating peoples even that was a just first-time-date. AHAHA.


The way he treated peoples, im not really sure. but some stories what i've heard about his-sweet-act was like being naughty towards those peoples. kissing their hands, play with their hair and be soo nice. that was looked like a slut.

I am not trying to judge him through his act toward others. but, i did not expecting him do such things even no one knows what kind of people he tried to be. everyone like him. but, don't judge a book by its cover. nothing is perfect. he looked hot almost every single of his photos. looked like a good boy. but now, good boy gone bad. AHAHAHAH.

Shame on u lah.

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