That Shirt So Wrong Lah!

Fashionista always said that if you are chubby or fattie in my own word, never ever try to wear horizontal strips shirt. Except you want to look fater than usual. And also for skinny type, be away from wearing a vertical strips shirt or you will look like 'kerangka'. AHAHA.

Here, i am nobody to talk about fashion but it was a funny thing. There is a guy name K** in myspace. He added me to be one of my friends, but he never greet me or even say thank for approved his friend's request.

When i was looking around to deleting stupid or in other word, 'belagak' peeps in my friends list, i saw his picture. Look nice and just okay, he's not HOT at all. But he's never say thank for accepted him. But, Im Ayyman. Ayyman Tak Kesah. So, do i care?. i wanted to delete him, but before that i saw his picture's album first. AHAHAH. Shame on me ryte?.

And, there is a picture that attractived me, at first lah, (picture at above is just an example) then i read all the comments from his friends. And and, about 3 peoples said that he is now look fat or chubby even in this fasting month. :) and as you know, trick to increase picture's comment is, post by ourself or in a better phrase, replying picture's comments. AHAHAHA. yes, i do that too. ;) just for fun. Ahaahah.

He replied, "Baju tuh jalur melintang lah! Sebab tuh nampak gemok".

ahah. tell me what? ;))

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