Totally Dumped.

I just read this guy's blog. He wroted something about our old messagging-conversation. This fucking matter actually happened about a year ago. but i still keep thinking. probably, about this matter. Shit! How could this happen? Ayyman, be strong. forget him. he is just your old friend. nothing much to care about. ;|

my friends told me that the thing had happened for a long time ago. and that guy already forgot about this things out, perhaps. I have tried to appologized, but he never replied me, either my text or through my friend that might be his friend too. Actually, this is not something big matter but i knew that i'm guilty towards him. i have said something nonsense to him, i wish that is not me, myself sent those SMS. i am really regretted about what had happened a year ago. my friends also told me to ignored that guy if he still refuse to answers me. but, i really want to tell him that i am really sorry for what i have done to you. maybe on that time, i am still un-matured and really can't see and think about adults matter.

And also, I read his friend's comments. mostly, they said that i'm a desperate one. i agree with them. maybe that moment i really desperated. and that is why i sent him those nonsense text. and here, i have accepted that i was wrong. just i hope, forgive me for what i have done to you before. if you never want me to be your friend like a year ago, it is okey. i understand that. but, just one thing i would like to know, do you appologized me?

Please, answer me. ;|

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