I'm freaking happy. Thanks to you ! *Big Smile*

In some quite time being with you,
You make me melting with your attitude.
That is not something I asked for, but its came naturally.
So cool of that and no-bounce answer from you. Oh my God ! Non-expectable :)

And now I can feel whats the meaning of falling in love in our own way.
You're so kiddish but I love that thingy so much.
You're stubborn (sometime) but lastly, follow my word.
And even you're sheepish, but I don't think so. Sorry ! *haha*

The shit things out of from your mouth, I don't ever like it.
But slowly watch your words for your own good sake. Okay ?
I miss your scent, your smile and your spoon-fed so much !
Please come to me ASAP ! I want hug you to feel your warm-bodies.

And yes ! I'm in love-mood


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