This is what we called C R U S H :|

There is no fixed age limit defined to have a crush. For some people it occurs in childhood, for others in teenage years and for many, till old age. When you have a crush, it can be defined to be an unexplained liking for a person. It may be someone of the same sex, of the opposite sex, someone smaller than you, someone older than you or even some celebrity.

Scientifically, crushes start with a lack of knowledge that is driven by unrequited love, unrequited ness and secrecy that keeps a crush fuelled forever. The most familiar symptoms of a crush are racing heartbeat, a tingling sensation in the groin, finding focusing rather difficult, rampant fantasizing and lightheadedness.

A crush is basically a fantasy; and this is a point you should remember when you have a crush on a guy. Only then will you be able to enjoy a crush as a pleasant diversion. Though you may envision a crush to be love, it is just a fantasy which acts as a pleasant diversion to you. It is not love but lust that fuels the crush; and if you get too engrossed in the crush, and can’t tell from reality and fantasy, you may head for heartbreak. On the other hand, if you have really turned serious about the guy and want to proceed towards dating.

You know you have a crush on a guy if you can’t look at him in the face. Maintaining eye contact seems to be rather difficult too. Thinking about the guy often, and yearning to eat their entrails are all signs of a crush on the guy. Many a time, a person tends to purposely run into the person he or she has a crush on, just to be able to smile or say hello to them.

Though you may be an introvert, when you have a crush on a guy, you tend to try to get as much information about the guy as possible. The first thing that you would want to find out about him would be his dating and marital status. If you find a funny feeling in your stomach, as if you were hungry even after having your lunch, it indicates that you have crush on the guy.

If you find yourself looking at him every time you meet him, until he looks back at you. And once you find him looking at you, you just look away while feeling shy. Some people also tend to feel nervous around the person they have crush on. Blushing and sweating when he asks you something or even when he compliments you, are all signs of a crush on a guy.

When on a crush on a guy, you tend to look for him everywhere. Whatever you see or do reminds you of the guy. You tend to get all energetic when he is around you, and sometimes you get really nervous and self-conscious too. These are the usual symptoms a person experiences while having a crush. So if you tend to find some of these symptoms going through you when you see that cute guy, it will most probably indicate a crush for the guy.

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